NEW: Tabata Trax – Workout Songs For Your Tabata Workouts

MIT-C-Cardio-150pxWe are pleased to announce 3 BRAND NEW Tabata Trax songs.   These Tabata Protocol workout songs are each 8 minutes of music, and include a 2 minute warmup, 8 intervals (20 seconds fast, 10 seconds slow) and a 2 minute cool-down.   There is a voiceover countdown so you don’t need a Tabata Timer or stopwatch any more!

We will be adding more songs soon in different styles of music so check back!


What is HHCG Spray and Where Do You Get It?

HHCG Spray (also known as HHCG Oral Spray) is a Homeotherapeutic version of HCG Spray.  Whereas HCG Spray is Pharmaceutical (Rx) and only available legally by prescription, HHCG Spray is available without a prescription AND costs far less, while providing the same benefit as HCG injections.

See here for more information on Homeotherapeutic HCG

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Tabata Workouts Can Only Burn So Much Fat

I have discovered something truly remarkable that everyone looking to get rid of body fat by doing Tabata Workouts needs to know:

There are basically 3 kinds of body fat:

1) Structural Fat

2) Normal Fat

3) Abnormal Fat

Structural fat is the fat the cushions your internal organs, and cushions the heels of the feet, etc. and is NOT the kind of fat you want to get rid of.

Normal fat is the stored fat your body uses when the normal store of energy available to your body is depleted (i.e. blood sugar).

ABNORMAL FAT is locked away in your body and is NOT available as fuel at all and will not burn UNTIL all of your Normal and Structural Fat has been burned first. Additionally, your body will start to burn up MUSCLE in addition to Abnormal Fat, so in effect, you can’t ever get rid of this Abnormal Fat by regular diet or exercise, even the Tabata Protocol.

In other words:  Your Screwed if you think you are ever going to look like a fitness model if you are plagued by these Abnormal Fat stores that won’t ever go away. UNLESS…

There is a miraculous hormone called hCG that will actually burn up this Abnormal Fat, and from what I’ve researched, this is THE ONLY WAY to get rid of the Abnormal Fat if you have it.

After making more progress with Tabata Protocol workouts than any other workout in terms of getting rid of fat and getting into the best shape I’ve been in for EVER, it was driving me crazy why I couldn’t get to the ‘6-pack abs’ goal I originally had, no matter what I did with my diet and exercise.

Now I know, and it is nothing short of amazing what you will find out at this site:

Unfortunately, hCG is a controlled substance and requires a prescription, but you can find an hCG provider at: HCG Clinics

Regain Youth and Energy with Tabata

Well, I wish someone would have told me of this unexpected consequence!

What I’ve noticed after working out with the tabata protocol for the past couple weeks is I now have more energy than I’ve had since I was a little kid (and I’m 40 yrs. old now).  I’m not joking.  It’s actually pretty hard to deal with – I spend most of the day bouncing off the walls!

My wife and 13 yr. old daughter have also both been doing the Tabata Protocol, and they have noticed the same thing, so it seems to be a universal effect across ages and sexes.  My daughter told me today that she can’t sit still in class now – she has to go out into the hall and run around during class breaks.  Nothing shocking about a young teenager having youthful energy, but she was ALREADY hyper – now she is so full of energy she can’t sit still!

My wife wants to run around the house to let off some energy during the day.  And I want to do something like lift weights or SOMETHING because I have too much energy.  (I DON’T lift weights even though I want to because it would interfere with my recovery between my MIT workouts, which currently require 30 days between workouts – more on that in another post)

You may think I’m making this up…I assure you this is VERY MUCH real.  Yeah – some problem to have!

So, if you find yourself low on energy and want to get your energy levels back to where they were when your age was in the single digits, start up with the Tabata Protocol – just don’t say I didn’t warn you!  You may need to start taking barbituates to settle down…

Workout Number 8

Wow!  Who knew?  Today I did my 8th Tabata workout on my Linex recumbent bike, but upped the tension from a setting of 8 to 9.

I had no idea it would make it so much harder!  My max. heart rate went up to 181 BPM (from a previous high of 176) and my recovery heart rate was 117 (last workout it had dropped down to 110, which is why I increased the tension on the bike this time).

The workout was signicantly harder.  Same number of intervals (5) but harder to pedal.

Tabata Results So Far

I did my weigh-in this morning and fat-caliper test. Here’s what has transpired in the past ~10 days:

Start Date: 12/23/07 – Weight=210 lbs, Fat=16.3%, Lean Mass=175.8 lbs, Fat=34.2

10 Days: 1/3/08 – Weight=211.6 lbs, Fat=15.8%, Lean Mass=178.2 lbs, Fat=33.4

That’s 0.8 lbs of fat less, and 2.4 lbs of muscle gain.

To be honest, I attribute the muscle gain to my MIT workout on my Explosive Fitness equipment, since there isn’t much going on with Tabata that would stimulate muscle growth and the MIT workout is all about stimulating muscle growth, so no surprise there. I am only doing the Tabata workout to burn off the stubborn fat that I haven’t been able to get rid of any other way.

Plus I look and feel thinner, and have more energy and can tell my heart/lungs are stronger too!

That’s after 10 days. I am now at 5 intervals and will be doing another workout today and will see if my Recovery Heart Rate goes back down, at which time I will increase the bike tension on my next workout.

Second Week into Tabata Training

I just finished my 5th workout today since starting on 12/23/07.

I added another interval (taking it up to 5 now) since my last workout saw my recovery heart rate go from 113 to 104.

This workout my recovery rate is back up to 110.  When it drops back down again, as per the instructions I was given, I will next crank up the bike tension from 8 to 9.

My motivation to continue this workout has not waned which is a very good thing.  Since there is only currently 2.5 minutes of actual ‘hard’ exercise, one can see how maintaining this program isn’t difficult.  Even at 8 intervals (instead of my current 5) amounts to only 4 minutes (don’t think for a second these are EASY minutes – far from it!)