Tabata Results So Far

I did my weigh-in this morning and fat-caliper test. Here’s what has transpired in the past ~10 days:

Start Date: 12/23/07 – Weight=210 lbs, Fat=16.3%, Lean Mass=175.8 lbs, Fat=34.2

10 Days: 1/3/08 – Weight=211.6 lbs, Fat=15.8%, Lean Mass=178.2 lbs, Fat=33.4

That’s 0.8 lbs of fat less, and 2.4 lbs of muscle gain.

To be honest, I attribute the muscle gain to my MIT workout on my Explosive Fitness equipment, since there isn’t much going on with Tabata that would stimulate muscle growth and the MIT workout is all about stimulating muscle growth, so no surprise there. I am only doing the Tabata workout to burn off the stubborn fat that I haven’t been able to get rid of any other way.

Plus I look and feel thinner, and have more energy and can tell my heart/lungs are stronger too!

That’s after 10 days. I am now at 5 intervals and will be doing another workout today and will see if my Recovery Heart Rate goes back down, at which time I will increase the bike tension on my next workout.

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